Below are a list of guidelines that must be followed in order to provide a safe atmosphere for all. These guidelines are in accordance with Virginia's reopenings of religious practices. Please do not attend services if you are not feeling well or showing any signs of illness of any type.


1. Mask MUST be worn prior to entering the church and REMAIN ON throughout the service. Masks will be available for visitiors. NO MASK...NO ENTRY....NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. Family members from the same household may sit together. All others must sit in available marked seating spots of your choice. These available seating areas are a little over 6 feet apart.

3. Please abide by social distancing requirements before and after service.

4. Please use available cleaning solutions, located at entrance, to sanitize your hands upon entering.

5. The collection basket will be placed near the entrance. A plate will not be passed around. Please deposit your envelopes or monetary gifts in the basket upon entering or leaving the service.

6. Communion will not be passed on 2nd Sunday's. Individually wrapped communion cups will be preset in holders behind  available seats. Once you have used your communion cup please return it to the holder. It will be picked up during cleaning following the service. Church covenant will also be preset at each seat.

7. Any and all used tissue (re:sneezing, coughing, blowing of nose) must be placed in a trash can and not left on seats. Hands need to be washed(preferably) or sanitized following usage. Pick up after yourself. It is all of our responsibility to maintain a clean and safe environment to insure we all stay healthy.

8. Although air conditioners will be in use, doors will be left open as well to provide proper ventilation.

9. Bottled water will be available upon request. Please dispose of your used bottles. The water cooler will not be available.  It would be preferable to bring your own water bottle.

10. No shaking or holding of hands.  Physical contact must be limited.,,.including the traditional hugging and or kissing on the cheek.



The Oakrum Baptist Church