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      The Oakrum Baptist Church was founded in Prince William County in 1865 by freed slave, Alexandra Johnson. Johnson gave praise to God through song and prayer, and soon purchased land to build a home and church home for his family. He soon attracted others who were eager to serve God. The Rev. James Robinson of Washington, D.C. conducted the services, and quickly, Johnson's small country church needed a larger place to meet.


      Thankfully, Johnson and his neighbor, Moses Morrison, provided land around the church for a larger building. Eighteen years later, this thriving church became known as Little Zion. Later, the membership changed the church name to Oakrum Baptist Church, and the membership continued to grow with believers from near and far.


      After the first pastor, Rev. Robinson's death, Brother Thornton Johnson, son of the founder Alexandra Johnson, acted as pastor until Rev. Hamilton of Stalton, Pennsylvania shared his gifts for preaching the Word of God to Oakrum's members. Sadly, soon after taking the position of pastor at Oakrum, Rev. Hamilton passed away. Brother Johnson again assumed leadership until Rev. Moses B. Strother of Haymarket came to lead the church. Rev. Stother, a gifted preacher known as "Weeping Moses" served Oakrum until his death. Once again, Brother Johnson stepped in until Rev. James E. Newman was called to Oakrum.


      Rev. Newman never tired of his duties. He traveled long distances and in all types of weather to visit his members whether they were sick or well. He did all he could for those with whom he came in contact. After ten years, Rev. Newman came to the end of his journey. After a period of mourning, Rev. John H. Fairfax was named pastor. Rev. Fairfax served Oakrum for nineteen years until his resignation. Fourteen months later, Rev. Edgar L. Reid came to Oakrum, but left after eleven months to accept a call in Jefferson City, Missouri. In March 1959, Rev. Carey E. Pointer, then assistant pastor of Providence Baptist Church of Washington, D.C., made Oakrum his new home. He served as pastor until 1976 when he resigned. Rev. Willie B. Jordan became the next pastor until he, too, resigned. Sadly, Oakrum was without a pastor until September 1983 when Rev. Charles Jones was called to lead.


      Through Rev. Jones' guidance, Oakrum prospered spiritually. Many improvements and innovations, such as Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, the Oakrum Baptist Church Foundation Fund, the Transportation Committee, and the purchase of a church van were instituted during his pastorate. In addition to his pastoral duties, Rev. Jones was a member of the Brotherhood Fellowship Club and the Men's Chorus. With this spirit, came the vision to further improve and add on to the church - this lead to a reinstatement and rejuvenation of the Building Fund, Prayer Service, Bible Study, and Junior Choir. Rev. Jones served as a shepherd filled with the Lord's guidance, prayer, understanding, humor, and hope. Rev. Jones rendered his resignation to Oakrum to become the pastor of Unity Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. In April 1993, Rev. Marcus Dulaney Fields, Sr. was elected pastor of Oakrum. During his tenure as pastor, Rev. Fields continued to make improvements to the church, and the various ministries.  For example the Youth Choir was selected to participate in the National Quaker Oats Choir competition and had a second place finish.  Pastor Fields served Oakrum for 15 years and on June 22, 2008, Michael Tinsley became the Pastor at Oakrum. Pastor Tinsley, who was also the pastor at Shiloh Baptist Church in Woodvale, Va, served until his death his death in September of 2018.  Our assistant pastor, Dulany Washington, was elected pastor in November of 2018, and was officially ordained on September 22nd, 2019.

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